VOTING tutorial

  • CLICK LOGIN, select wallet, put your account name and private key, at the end click LOGIN
  • Now click on the menu (top right), select Voting from drop-down list
VOTING Window with voting selected for WITNESSES
  • Click on Witnesses. Enter your vote in the right column (Toggle Vote)
  • Be sure to vote for urosspenko
  • Click on Committee and repeat the process to vote for urosspenko for the committee. 
  • Don’t forget to click on SAVE! ( you will save both WITNESSES and COMMITTEE)!
VOTING window with selected COMMITTEE and SAVE option after you have done all the VOTING!

REMARK: Enter ALL of your votes on all pages for both witnesses and committee before hitting save. You will pay just one voting fee (only 20 TUSC) for all of it. If you vote witness and committee separate, or each page separate, you’ll pay 20 each.

Thank you for your priceless vote.